The Search

There are thousands of houses sold in Yuma each year. The difficulty is not in finding a house, it’s finding the home that is right for you and your family.

So Many Choices For The Perfect Home

Presented with so many choices the average buyer may easily become inundated and overwhelmed with the thought of choosing a home. In order to alleviate this fear and stress I provide you with a questionnaire before our initial meeting. This will get you thinking about the amenities you want and need most before we get together and begin our search.

A home is more than just the number of bedrooms and baths. There are many properties that have four bedrooms and two baths and come in at the same price range but they come in many design varieties. They are also located in many different school districts, distances to your job, shopping and other important things we must consider.

Have you ever considered what area you might like to live in? Where do you spend the majority of your time? Are you in the foothills? Where do your children go to school, play their sports, take their ballet lessons? These are questions that we sometimes don’t think about on a regular basis but can become very important when purchasing a home.