The Contract

You’ve Found The Perfect Home For You And Your Family. Now What? 

We need to make an offer. In order to determine what offer to make I will sit down with you and show you a list of comparable sales. This list will include data from the neighborhood so you can see what a reasonably priced offer would look like. We will also discuss whether or not you need the seller to assist you with your closing costs as this will impact your ability to negotiate the price on the home.

The Contract Will Include Things Like

  • Price
  • Earnest Money
  • Type of financing
  • Closing date
  • Personal property you may request (refrigerator, pool equipment, etc)
  • Title company
  • Inspection Period – the amount of time you have to complete wanted inspections on the prperty.
  • Acceptance timeline

When the contract is complete, I will meet with you to go over it and have you sign or I can send it to you to review and sign digitally. Once the contract is signed, I will begin negotiating with the seller’s agent. These negotiations can be grueling but are dealt with behind the scenes allowing you to simply come in at the end for the final decision. One of my best assets is the ability to negotiate the best deal for the home you have selected.