About Me

“I have been licensed with Realty Executives since 2001 and thoroughly love my job! I have watched Yuma grow during these last 20 years and can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

A Little History

I came to Yuma by way of Kansas to live near my parents in November of 1995. My plan was not to stay but to grow up a little and then return to what I considered my home in the plains. I remember comeing to Yuma and being scared out of my mind because Yuma was a big city. After living in Yuma for about a year, I got a job working for a Realty Executives agent.

I began working there as a front office receptionist and runner. It was really great because as part of my duties I had to put up signs, deliver papers, etc. This really helped me learn my way around Yuma, which was larger by 100,000 people than the small Kansas town I called home. It wasn’t long and I could get you anywhere in Yuma – so long as you knew the names of the housing subdivisions!

By 1997 I was hooked and had really fallen in love with Yuma, I also decided it was time to finish my college degree and enrolled in AWC with a major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. I continued to work for the same Realty Executives agent until November 1997 when I began working for Lynn McKelvey-Shultz, another long time Realty Executives agent, as her personal assistant. Transitioning into Lynn’s office enabled me to work the hours I wanted in order to gain office experience and be able to attend college full time.

By the year, 2001, I had transferred to Northern Arizona University’s Yuma campus and was full speed and ready to finish my Bachelor’s degree. During this, my junior year at NAU-Yuma, Lynn suggested that I get my Real Estate license and continue to work with her to see if maybe I would like it and continue to stay even after graduation. So that summer of 2001 I took my classes and the rest is history! I have been licensed with Realty Executives since 2001 and thoroughly love my job! I have watched Yuma grow during these last 20 years and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I feel lucky to be able to watch the exciting process of bringing a seller and buyer together. Witnessing the realization of someone’s dreams is truly rewarding.


And Standards

This relationship is as strongly tied to emtions as it is finances. I strive to leave my clients moving into a home that not only meets their needs, wants and dreams but also maintains the financial and budget restraints the client needs.

Being a REALTOR takes hard work and determination. To be a fantastic REALTOR takes love, compassion, experience, determination, and the constant ability to learn and change with the ever-evolving real estate market. I strive to be the most current when it comes to real estate laws, procedures, technology and market volatility.

As a REALTOR, I take my job as seriously as your doctor takes your health. I know that your financial assets, like your health, play a huge role in your future and hsould be placed in the hands of the most competent of professionals.

My Promise

To Not Use High Pressure Tactics

To Listen

I will give you my full attention during showings and meetings.

To Be Honest

I will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you may want to hear.

To Return Your Call Within 24 Hours

To Walk With You Along Every Step Of The Home Buying Process


To Negotiate Fiercely On Your Behalf For What I Think Is Fair

To Maintain Our Relationship

That means assisting you with questions and issues that may arise even after the home buying process is complete.